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  • Locally made in Austin, Texas these two End Grain Walnut Cutting Boards will make a great addition to your kitchen! Give one away as a gift and keep the other one for yourself!
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Walnut Cutting Board Set of Two

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Locally made in Austin, Texas these two End Grain Walnut Cutting Boards will make a great addition to your kitchen! Give one away as a gift and keep the other one for yourself!

These ara true heirlooms to pass down and keep in the family! Smooth and buffed to a high gloss. It's put together with Titebond 3 (food grade & water proof).

The grain was raised SEVERAL TIMES and then sanded down to a RIDICULOUS 1500 grit! Next, it is COMPLETELY submerged in a bath of food grade mineral oil for a minimum of 3 days (usually longer). While most people brush on one or two wimpy little coats we actually enjoy watching them soak up as much mineral oil as possible. After it's removed from the bath of mineral oil we let them sit for a couple of days and catch their breath. Then it's on to the final finish. We rub on at least 2 or 3 very heavy coats of a special Carnauba/Beeswax/mineral oil blend. This is much more durable than Beeswax alone. Plus, it also gives them a gorgeous shine when they are buffed out. The feet are made of long lasting silicone and fastened with stainless steel screws. If taken care of this cutting board should easily outlive your grandchildren.

Hand made - started from a slab of walnut!

Size of Left picture 11" x11" x 1 7/8 "

Size of right picture 9 7/8"x4 1/4" x 1 5/8"

(cups pictured are not included with cutting board)